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Turkey Hunting

     What if you could experience a grand slam all in one location?  We produce Eastern, Osceola, Rio, Merriam, and coming soon, South America Ocellated Turkeys.  We here at Oak Grove absolutely love turkey hunting, chasing those birds to the ends of the earth, that's what we live for! But what if we could make them chase us?  What if an easier way existed?  Well, we are excited to say hunting for turkeys at Oak Grove Plantation is just like the wild bird hunts we all love.  Our turkeys roost, call, decoy, and flair, just like wild birds. However, they do seem to be more vocal than wild birds due to the lack of predation which is a huge plus. We keep them low in numbers and produce only four or five birds of each species a year, so stocks are limited.

     We take great pride in our birds and raise them in a low contact facility.  If you like the thunder of the gobbles in the morning, Oak Grove has the birds that will leave your ears ringing and heart pounding.

Turkey Hunting Packages


Day fee for a hunt $ 250 per Kill fee per species


Rio -$600

Merriam- $800


Ocellated-$$$$ call for availability


In-house State Slam Extravaganza -1 of every species other than the Ocellated.  5 day package includes meals (excluding dinner), lodging and turkeys $4575 per person (one of every species other than Ocellated)

-Add non hunter to stay for free with no meals included

-Add additional night stay for $150 

All turkey hunts come with light breakfast, guides, decoys, blinds, video equipment, transportation to and from hunt areas, and lunch.


Things you will need

-Camo gloves

- Face mask


- Waterproof Shoes

-Camouflage clothing

-Vest seat or chair for prolonged sitting.

-Gun and ammunition (suggest TSS and chokes for turkey hunting)

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