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Pheasant Tower Shoot

     Absolutely 100% pure action-packed adrenaline pumping fun. If you like a good bird shoot, you will love our tower shoots. It's in your face, shoulder busting, non-stop action with 250 -350 birds released in 10-15 bird sessions. 

     There are 20 stands you will rotate through with each spot consisting of up to two shooters and rotating every 10 birds so that equal opportunity is given. The birds will be collected by our team of in-house retrievers, allowing the shooters to keep constant visuals on the birds and reloading.  All birds will be pooled and divided equally among the shooters upon the conclusion of the hunt.   The shoot lasts for roughly four hours.

     There will be a viewing area for non-shooters to look over the field (no non-shooters allowed in field).

Pheasant Tower Hunt Packages

-$600 per spot (spot allows room for one or two people) 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve a spot.  Refunds will be given for inclement weather.

- Bird cleaning is also available for $4.50 per bird.

- Pheasant tower hunts will be the first Saturday of every month starting in September-March.    -Rain or weather delays will be made up the following weekend if needed. The number of birds released, distance, and total spots depend on the amount of people scheduled to shoot.   

-Minimum is ten spots maximum of 20 spots.

-Pheasant tower shoots will start at 12 pm-4 pm Central time. 

-Lunch is included within price and will be provided prior to the hunt

    -Recommended Gear


- Hunter orange shirts, caps, or shooting vest.

-Gun that is easily reloaded (we recommend 12-gauge shotgun with at least 3 boxes of shells)

-Shot size 4/6 (Pheasants are a very big game bird)

-Comfortable shoes for walking. You will be standing and walking for three or four hours at a good steady pace so no chairs or buckets please.  We will provide a padded bucket at each location for sitting if needed. 



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